TEDxKobe 2016: Spring out in unity

TEDxKobe 2016: Spring out in unity

TEDxKobe 2016: Spring out in unity

Find out further possibilities in every relationship we have. Enhance the values of as many relationships as the possibilities we found.

This is how TEDxKobe2016 decided its theme “Spring out in unity.” We may have: Relations taken for granted; Simple, small research objects which are prone to be overlooked; News articles which we took notice of, but ended up pretending indifference to.

These connections between us and these people, things, events may be too flimsy and fleeting that we may not even have an opportunity to try to strengthen them. However, attempting to enhance, foster, or boost these bonds will be sure to allow us find clues to step forward to the next phase.

Delving into these clues will surely lead us to much stronger and more enriched connections and make us feel like springing out.

Experiences you can enjoy at TEDxKobe

TEDxKobe will hold three sessions, where speakers with Ideas Worth Spreading will share their ideas. Each session contains three to four talks. We hope you will enjoy inspiring and informative talks at TEDxKobe.

Between sessions, TEDxKobe will invite you to Break Times, where different activities are held so all the participants can exchange opinions, and delve into our event theme. Lunch will be served at Lunch Break.

After all the sessions are over, you will be invited to the after party, where all the participants get together. Please enjoy a relaxing time socializing and exchanging your own ideas. Ticket fee includes full admission to all the sessions, food, drinks, as well as lunch and after party.

About TEDxKobe2016: Spring out in unity


Sunday, 12 June, 2016 (Time Schedule will be informed later.)


Adult: 8,640yen
Student: 6,480yen
primary school students: 1,080yen
Pre-school children: free
The fee above includes lunch and After Party.

How to Apply

Application form has closed.

Simultaneous interpretation service

Rental receivers for simultaneous interpretation are available.


TEDxKobe 2016 Pamphlet(PDF)

There are various ways to participate in TEDxKobe.

TEDxKobe Live Streaming

We will do TEDxKobe live streaming on the event day.
TEDxKobe Live Streaming

Public Viewing

Public Viewings will be held in various locations on the event day.


  • 湯川 カナ
    YUKAWA Kana
    YUKAWA Kana
  • 槻橋 修
  • 沼田 里衣
    NUMATA Rii
    NUMATA Rii
  • サンドアートパフォーマンスグループ SILT-clarte-
    サンドアートパフォーマンスグループ SILT-clarte-
  • 藤原 愛
  • 本山 尚義
    MOTOYAMA Naoyoshi
    MOTOYAMA Naoyoshi
  • 中川 尚史
    NAKAGAWA Naofumi
    NAKAGAWA Naofumi
  • BimBomBam楽団
    BimBomBam Band
    BimBomBam Band
  • 花岡洋一/山根シボル
    HANAOKA Yoichi / YAMANE Shiboru
    HANAOKA Yoichi / YAMANE Shiboru
  • マルコン・シャンドル
    Márkon Sándor
    MÁRKON Sándor
  • 鈴木 健一
    SUZUKI Kenichi
    SUZUKI Kenichi


ThemeSpring out in unity
Outline Find out further possibilities in every relationship we have. Enhance the values of as many relationships as the possibilities we found.
Date Jun 12, 2016




「TEDxKobe 2016: Spring out in unity」のパートナー

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  • TEDxKobeのイベントで、営業や勧誘などはご遠慮ください。また、会場によっては入場時に身分証の提示と確認をお願いする場合がございます。あらかじめご了承ください。