槻橋 修
TSUKIHASHI Osamu was born in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture. He is an associate professor at Department of Architecure, the Graduate School of Engineering, Kobe University, and he established an architectural design office, Architects Teehouse.

As an architect, he designed a number of shop buildings and houses.

Since the Great East Japan Erthquake in 2011, he has been supporting towns and communities which were severly damaged by the disaster, seeking for what he could do for them from his architecrual point of view. He promoted the Lost Homes Model Restoration Project, which accepted a large number of student volunteers across Japan.

In 2009 he was jointly awarded a prize by the Architectual Institution of Japan for his educational contribution. In 2014 the “Lost Home Model Restoration Project” received the prize for the 40th Hoso Bunka Foundation Award (Cowinner was NHK Morioka Station). In 2015 he was jointly awarded by the Architectual Institution of Japan for his achievement.

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