藤原 愛
FUJIWARA Ai, the representative of Love’s Gallery

When she was a child, she respected superheroes on TV. After graduating high school, she went to Canada to study English. When she came back, she started a variety shop in Kobe for selling goods from all over the world. While she was doing her business the Great East Japan Earthquake happened. She suspended her business to join volunteer activity in Tohoku but it was difficult to make her own living so she stopped her activity. Then unexpectedly discovered onset of her disorder symptom forced her to close her shop.

Subsequently, she started to work in Indonesia as an interpreter. There she happened to recommended her coconut oil to treat her atopy she was suffering from due to the change of climate. Thanks to the coconut oil, her situations were greatly improved. She fell in love with its quality and efficacy. She went to Kapoposang Island to see where the oil was produced. Then she knew that the people there had been paying environmental price to survive. She wished to save the environment and, at the same time, to secure the steady income for the residents. Therefore, promising to buy certain amount of coconut oil from them, she worked together with the residents to produce and export their productions. Now she is selling Kapososang Island’s virgin coconut oil in Japan. She is engaging in fair trade to improve their lives.

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