湯川 カナ
Representative of Academia Libertad Association, columnist.

She was born in a sailor’s family in Nagasaki Prefecture. When she was a student, she organized other students’ opinions and tackled to ease strict school rules.

She was ambitious to go to Tokyo. She tried hard and entered Waseda University to study law. During her university days, under a big dream of “making a new land”, she worked so intently to establish Yahoo! Japan with Son Taizo and other unique members.

Although Yahoo! Japan went well, she fell sick. She gave up all of her stock options and quit her job, and she moved to Spain. She spent 10 years in Spain writing column “Kana’s Latin Life” for a blogsite, Hobonichi, and experienced her own baby-birth. She was deeply impressed by the Spanish mind of closer relationships.

After coming back to Japan, she established Academia Libertad, aiming to “make every child smile.” She is now working with mothers to develop new social activities and start up businesses.

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