HANAOKA Yoichi / YAMANE Shiboru

HANAOKA Yoichi, Born in 1981 in Tennoji, Osaka; brought up in Tsuruhashi, Osaka. A director who takes funny part of the unit. 
YAMANE Shiboru, Born in 1981 in Nishinari, Osaka: brought up in Nishinari, Osaka. A designer who takes funny part of the unit.

HANAOKA and YAMANE teamed up as ‘Ningen’ when they were students. The group was aiming for ‘always thinking bizzare but amazing’. Taking advantages of being students, they would walk a thin line on the verge of political correctness, publishing indiscreet topics on the net which otherwise would have caused flaming.
After graduating from schools, they accelerated their performances as well as the WEB site activities at the risk of their lives and statuses. When they were about to reach 30’s, they wished to ‘perform as humans on weekdays, and relax on weekends’; they quit their then jobs and launched their business as ’Ningen Inc.’

Even after establishing their company, they never lose their passion for indecent jokes, dirty talks, or rubbish puns. While they are producing unprofitable products including: the ’nose-hair-notification service’; ‘Kinect Big Boobs’; ’Su+isu (Swiss)=a Su(ス)-shaped isu(chair)’; etc., they are answering to fulfil their clients who request them to do ’something hilarious’ through a wide range of areas including promotion web sites, printed advertisements, branding businesses, producing mystery events, or producing art events, and so on.

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