Lilian Terumi Hatano

リリアン テルミ ハタノ
As some may know, there used to be the National Kobe Emigrant Camp in Kobe, from where a lot of Japanese had been encouraged to immigrate especially to South America. Ms. Lilian Terumi HATANO, whose parents are Japanese immigrants to Brazil, is a 2nd generation of Japanese Brazilian and a first generation of Brazilian living in Japan. She studies in education of expatriates in Japan, especially working on multiculturalism as well as native (heritage) language education. Each immigrant has their own situation: They have various sorts of issues to solve out. Children with foreign nationalities or backgrounds are faced up on many ‘gaps’ including ones between languages, cultures, and customs. She is working on solutions for various issues caused by these gaps. See what questions she is going to raise to the world through her talk.

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