村上 豪英
Born in 1972, Murakami is now the representative director of Murakami General Construction Co., Ltd., the director of Kobe Motomachi Daigaku (a project to connect people’s ties through learning), and the representative director of Riverworks Co. (a company of city and real estate planning). He learned ecology in the post graduate school to realize the coexistence of city and nature, before working in a think tank company. Murakami’s interest in Kobe and construction industry grew since the Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake and started working in Murakami General Construction Co., Ltd. with his current job title as representative director. He served as the chairman of Junior Chamber International Japan (JCI-I) before assuming the director of Junior Chamber International Kobe in 2012. Murakami founded Kobe Motomachi Daigaku in 2011 June, right after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, with the thought of helping Kobe recover from the disaster which occurred in 1995. Supported by about 40 staff, Murakami’s challenge is to create people’s ties through learning. His hobbies are fly fishing, soccer, trekking, SUP and others.

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