重光 あさみ

1989 年生まれ。京都在住。京都精華大学デザイン学部卒業と同時に、クリエイティブユニット「Focha!」を結成。映像ディレクターとして活動を開始。カラフルでポップな色彩と、イラストを使った映像やデザインが特徴的。数々のアーティストのPV 監督、製作を担当。京都・神戸の美人時計の専属カメラマンを一年半勤めるなど、制作活動は多岐にわたる。また、京都の鴨川で毎月22日に巨大ショートケーキのオブジェを囲んでピクニックを行うグラニュートンピクニックを主催している。

Asami Shigemitsu (born in 1989) is a digital video director and an illustrator currently living in Kyoto. As soon as she graduated from the Faculty of Design Kyoto Seika University, she formed the creative unit “Focha” and started working as a digital video director. Images and designs that use vibrant and colorful illustrations are her signature. Shigemitsu’s productions span a wide range of fields. She is in charge of directing and producing music videos for many artists, she has also worked as a photographer of Bijin-tokei Kyoto and Kobe for one year and a half. Shigemitsu is the organizer of Granewton, a group that holds picnic events surrounding a giant “short-cake” on the 22nd of every month at Kamogawa River, Kyoto starting from May 2012.

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