TEDxKobe 2017 短期ボランティア募集のお知らせ



Recruiting members to work out TEDxKobe together

We are now recruiting Volunteer Staffs who can help operating TEDxKobe 2017, which is going to be held at Konan University on 17th December 2017.
TEDxKobe cannot be held without the support from the large number of Volunteer Staffs.
Last year there are over 60 Volunteer Staffs participated.
And we are now recruiting Volunteer Staffs for this year TEDxKobe 2017, then we will be able to have a good time together. Please come and join us.

Recruitment Period:30th September 2017 (Sat) to 15th October 2017 (Sat)
Recruitment requirement : having a good willingness to cooperate TEDxKobe 2017 Staffs operating, and participating all events on these dates.
26th November 2017 (Sun) : A pre-meeting for all Volunteer Staffs
16th December 2017 (Sat) : A preparation for TEDxKobe 2017
17th December 2017 (Sun): TEDxKobe 2017 the day

the detailed information

Konan University, Okamoto campas
8-9-1 Okamoto Higashi Nada-ku Kobe city, Hyogo

We are going to hold the information sessions on 23th October 2017 (Mon), 29th October 2017 (Sun) and 1st November 2017 (Wed).
If you are willing to work as a staff, please apply from the form below.