TEDxKobe 2017は甲南大学で開催します



The place where we will hold TEDxKobe 2017 has been decided at the Okamoto campus of Konan University!

All of the presentations will be conducted at Koyu Kaikan, which is located in the same campus. For the other activities such as break time and some parties, we will use KONAN INFINITY COMMONS(iCommons), which is going to be built in the campus on this coming September as a 100 year’s anniversary of Konan university.

We are planning to create some other activities to inspire all of you and the best space in order to have you spread as many your valuable ideas as you could.
Please stay turned TEDxKobe 2017 held at December 17th, 2017!

【the information】
The date: December 17th, 2017
The venue: Okamoto campus of Konan University. (〒658-8501 8-9-1 Okamoto Higashinada-ku Kobe city Hyogo prefecture)
URL: http://www.konan-u.ac.jp/

We will soon announce the theme of TEDxKobe 2017.
We all are looking forward to seeing you come!