TEDxKobe 2016当日ボランティアスタッフ募集



Recruiting members to work out TEDxKobe together

TEDxKobe cannot be held without the support from the large number of Volunteer Staffs. Last year there are over 100 Volunteer Staffs participated. And we are now recruiting Volunteer Staffs for this year TEDxKobe, please come and join us.

Recruitment overview for TEDxKobe 2016 Event Volunteer Staff

Recruitment Period
4th April 2016 (Mon) to 6th May 2016 (Fri)
(maybe shorten according to application situation)
Recruitment Targets
Who want to participate as Event Volunteer Staff on the day of TEDxKobe 2016
Staff image we are seeking
Anyone interested in activities spreading valuable ideas from Kobe
Anyone interested in community activities
Anyone working in good faith with responsibility
application conditions
  • Attending the Event Volunteer Staff Briefing Section holding on 24th April (Sun)
  • Attending the 30days Before Rehearsal on 14th May (Sat)
  • Attending the Event Volunteer Staff Training Sections on 5th June (Sun).
  • Attending TEDxKobe 2016 on 12th June (Sun – Whole day) and the setting day on 11th June (Sat – Whole day)
For those who wish to become our staff, please fill in the necessary items in the below recruitment form and send.

Recruitment Form

Form Closed.