TEDxYouth@Kobe 2016スピーカー公募のお知らせ



TEDxYouth@Kobe 2016 Speaker Audition

In order to bring your excellent ideas to the world, TEDxYouth@Kobe is looking for speakers for our upcoming event on February 21.
If you think “I want to spread my idea!”, please apply for us.
In case you become our speaker after submitting application forms and passing audition, TEDxYouth@Kobe members will support you to make your presentation with you. So if you have no experience such as speech and presentation, don’t be afraid. Please apply for us.
Moreover, applications will be accepted whether submitted by the applicants themselves or recommended by others. If you have a friend, senior and junior who have an excellent idea, please apply for us.

TEDxYouth@Kobe is waiting for your application.

Guidelines for appricants

Application deadline November 14, 2015(Saturday)
Application procedure Please apply, after filling out an application form
Outline of speaker audition The person who has ideas worth spreading related to the theme of TEDxYouth@Kobe 2016 “Kizashi”.
We select speakers regardless of age, gender, nationality and background.

Outline of speaker audition

Date: November 21, 2015 (Saturday)(The time is to be announced)
Place: In Kobe city(The place will be announced individually)
Details: Presentation (Within 18 mins) → Questions and answers


TEDxYouth@Kobe executive committee