Márkon Sándor

Professor at Kobe Institute of Computing; Doctor of Engineering ( Kyoto University ); ICME Society Councillor; Director of Parity Innovations Co., Ltd.; Evaluator at the General Incorporated Foundation of Better Living; Company auditor at the Danning Trade ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd.

After graduating Budapest University of Technology and Economics, he worked at the research and development department at Fujitec Co., Ltd. for nearly 30 years. Engaged in research and development of Elevator Group Control Systems, he has been playing important roles to establish relating technologies and received a number of patents.

During he was working for Fujitec Co., Ltd., he was invited as a faculty member to be a start-up member of Kobe Institute of Computing. Since then inspired by his own passion for establishing manufacturing systems and programming, he has been instructing his students. His recent research is focused on “Floating images” (systems using a special optical element, which can project display screens in the air), and basic researches for “multi-car elevators” (systems where multiple elevators are running independently in the same hoistway) are being conducted in collaboration with Sabanci University in Turkey, and Cologne University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

Nevertheless, he never knows how to give up his former efforts to put his linear motor elevator system into practical use. Now with his coworkers he is still moving vigorously around the world to figure solutions out to make that happen.

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